Passive house in Arcangues

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General Information:
  • Project name: Passive house in Arcangues
  • Project type: new building
  • Building type: detached single family house
  • Building Typology: residential
  • Location: France, Aquitaine region, Arcanges municipality
  • Year of construction: 2012
  • Number of buildings: 1
  • Number of floors: 2
  • Property area:  1550  m2


Building Size:
  • Treated floor area: 198 m2


Building Envelope:
  • Exterior wall: 10 mm Plaster coating; 200 mm Concrete cinder block; 200 mm insulation panel; 10 mm Exterior coating; U=0.15 W/(m2K)
  • Roof: 13 mm plasterboard; 300m  Cellulose Insulation; 16 mm OSB; 100 mm wood fiber; U-value=0,11 W/(m2K)
  • Basement floor: 70 mm screed; 150 mm concrete slab; 140mm; 150mm concrete slab; 140 mm insulation panel; U-value=0,15 W/(m2K)
  • Window: triple glazing; U=0.73 W/(m2K)


Building service systems:
  • Ventilation and heating: double-flow ventilation system with heat recovery, a mini heat pump for air and domestic water heating and a domestic water storage tank.


Building energy performance:
  • Annual heating demand:  8 kWh/m2a
  • Heating load: 9 W/m2
  • Primary energy requirement: 101 kWh /m2a
  • Air tightness: n50 = 0.14/h
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