Target Audience

The target audience for the SouthZEB training modules are professionals that are involved in the building sector, either in the design of new buildings or the rehabilitation of existing ones. The following list provides an overview of the target audience for the project:

  1. Building Professionals / developer companies is the largest target group, including all intermediate and senior professionals (engineers, architects, municipality employees) in the Southern European countries. They facilitate the construction of new buildings towards the nZEB targets;
  2. Authorities / decision makers will also benefit from training modules prepared to support the use of appropriate funding schemes and other incentives for the promotion of nZEB. Decision makers have been involved in the project course in order to better understand the legislation and regional roadmaps towards the application of the relevant EU directives;
  3. Property owners will benefit from the project effects as energy efficient buildings are less costly for the users. By facilitating the training of professionals in nZEB building, the local property value is raised in a long-term sustainable way;
  4.  Vocational training / Certification bodies transfer the projects results to the community under a well European wide recognized educational framework.



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