University of Patras (Greece) is participating in the consortium with the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics and especially with its Applied Mechanics Laboratory, which belongs to the Sector of Applied Mechanics, Technology of Materials and Biomechanics. The Laboratory operates since 1980, providing high level and quality education to undergraduate and graduate students and pioneering research both basic and applied in the fields of Structures and Materials. It supports and develops innovative technologies and cooperates with industrial partners within the country and worldwide and with other Higher Education Institutes and organizations. It exhibits high level of technical expertise in materials. It has participated in numerous projects, such as “Hermes I”, “Hermes II”, “Structural Analysis of ESA Young Engineers Satellite 2” and “ATLAS Air cargo plane”. It is accredited by EN ISO 17020 for the application of EN 62446, demonstrating high level expertise in the photovoltaic power systems.

Partner Contact: Professor V. Kostopoulos 

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